This week we will discuss the Events held by Kemlyn Tan Bappe of Singapore and Phoenix, and David Leo Sirois of Paris and Quebec

Kemlyn Tan Bappe
International Artist. Poet and Dancer.
Host of
“between the lines” Poetry gatherings.

David Leo Sirois International Poet, Musician and Artist hosts a weekly poetry assembly entitled “Spoken Word Online”

I had the great good fortune to JOIN Kemlyn Tan Bappes’ QWorld between
the Lines Poetic Gathering is based in Singapore and Phoenix, AZ.
Then later that same day, I had the immense pleasure of joining
David Leo Sirois’s US/FRANCE Poetic assembly is another wonderful event.
Each one draws upon an incredible assortment of POETS from across
the GLOBE.

David SPOKEN WORD ONLINE skews a little more European and North American
and Kemlyn’s BTW tends to skew slightly more Asian but what they
share is attracting universally exquisite poets from all ages and

You have serious poets who sing of pain and the many varied pains
humans are heir to and you have the merry poets who bring light-hearted
humor and banter. There were storytelling poets and poets who speak in
abstract language and ride from nebulae and galaxies and the swoop down
into the submicroscopic worlds of mitochondria and DNA Spirals.

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