Cheery Barium Berries

Cheery Barium Berries

Cheery Barium Berries, heat feet compete concrete creak

CHEERY, Barium Berries cheery baries at chernobyls reserbs herb halves of adverb salve
………………………………….buy Nero Watts

the rain in, on sweet sweden, has extral spectral vitamins hidden in the chernobutyl troubutyl
swedes heed finns concede

nor’wegians have seen ’em, HECK !
They could check the river raft wreck of thermo-roble chernobyl bubble, troublin, wobblin.

The atomic tumble, radioactive, act-track-tive trouble. Concrete cractive Disk detractive.

The wind from the east carried tarried , bought a heck of a feast thought fast mask
treat the town dawn the gown of chernobyl’s troublin’ wobblin’

frumble in double delights crumblecerulean blue a flewing steam a hewing blue steaming-stewing
blew blue the way of the winds rescind it’s it’s wits., wit particles stinging singing ringing slant,
it is, is it? si?

And the bounty of county complaint aches, lakes shakes snakes flakes.

The notice novice can’t count greater and greater and greater amounts
astounds abounds about. The count abounds about….reflex rejects relay delay, defray it say
the government “THEY” commends content to amend too recent restate relay.

There they append applauded amazed the timing OUTLOUD! of letting, fretting …let em scare the locals
freeze the freakin yokels there# leering lair the air learning words, without anyone scaring ?

We’ll tell em late… they can wait! The nearby lake won’t mid-take, maken the quaken think station
midstake of harboring harmful mindful… RELEASE… RE-Lease !RE-RE-RE-LEASE! RE-RE-RE-RE-LEASE

Wish-finding winds…blends ammending friends from what fires fliers sends pitching blendes toward future trends.
Run-ton from the reactors raising configuration staging considerations NON_REGISTERING METERS
data defeaters.

Melted stations of unregistered regulations the loss…couldn’t count the amount tantamount amount
ride the radiation mount to the bonfires bombast atlast chernobyln’t so NOBLE.
You KNOW…but the tallies in alleys grow, would’t chew know they won’t tell us yet,
what they don’t know or suspect without the check.
wooden shoe NO? Chair No Bill. Us ! so, wouldn’t you know?

Couldn’t they check Chernobyls bubbles of troubles. The fire and wires and smile fryers conspires in silence…

that reliance on silence for compliance. Radiations alliance with VIOLINS.
the inter-NA-TONAL TUNNEL atonal tactical debacticle nuclear NATO conspiracy shackle detacticable
a drear-oc-racy of nuclear threadbare bureaucracy an aristocracy of tin-pan bim-boomb-ocracy,
gave aus accounts the rosy ground shouts shuddering groans glows, flows, round the planet can’t you ash-can we stand it
stand and store it round the planet can’t we can it can’t we damn it? – the hubub yub drub, of drunken so-closed soviet power pondering wandered in an hours flowered floundering add the final hyenal venal denial
returns READ and LED THEM TO BELIEVE… that they must’nt BREATHE
seethe em, seen em, teeth em tedium so they gasp,
gave em fiber liber masks and set them to the task of spreading the world stretching burl, kernal curled

didn’t you heard they let the neighs nay-labor neighbors, day-labor nay-abhors –
NEW-NOW-SHOW be-fore four days were go aplomb, abomb, aglow
our radiant shadient tray-vi-va’vient friendship with all of your “oop-skies” and if you look deep into our eyes
our radiation meters can conceive E-Ceive us. Re-Vive us. Tribe-Us.

We don’t believe us is here there rafter problem at the noble chair-nole of the nuclear king’s waving wands of radioactive
interactive dust in the thrust of the dance give us half a chance SHIVA’s GLANCE to change into…CHAIR-NOBLE RAINWEAR.

Isn’t that clear radiation near the amount the count = spount the sponted fountain the source of the worlds worth.
planned planets worst thirst. – chernobly’s rose impresario robley of chose capers tapers alight carpet capes capress agone.
Capers and staples of rainy grain skies stain, here’s mud in your eyes. what’s the disguise of dna disasters spies.
four time times higher in the pole-land where they can stand the reign from the east on the papal people feast
rain stain they don’t mind there blind bear they don’t mind can’t find rythmes deified lines.

they and are required to aspire to our greatness desire or our taste in poor power flowers growl glower from powers powder
Right glows blue coal at night woes new tolls –
The world of burning words plows into swords
hurling glowing gourds near-fatal fjords jokes spoke of chicken Kiev and gregor melendev.

Tasoday Say WHAT? – they say that they levels ribbon ribald nuclear devils of radioactive drift was shiftless and …swift

to Poland before lunch, to Paris before noight, isn’t that right
d-light of proton spite
German avenues before they knew NEWS at the damns sire, inhaling in Amsterdamned before they ran

to the shores of Denmark stark without warning, while it was dawning still they were yawning, spawning fawning unKnowls Foals – to Spain, tin rain, before it was plain, they didn’t neglect on the Czech without RESPECT

on the Hungarians without variants to the Portuguese on the lips of a breeze before they could sneeze.
to Belgium on the run to hit the reaches of Englands eastern beaches

three times higher here four times backround there twenty times backround bombs thirty times there larger than life
& smarter than your wife

wider and wider…like a spider in a web remember what I said they would wide the ground the dust blew around
shaking and sticking, sticky wicket sure ain’t cricket – lots of beetles stuck tick-tock ten times higher the rain in the Ukraine
ticks …sticks the garden’s grain in the Ukraine will seldon find room for foods foom. kaik-kak-kek-chuck-huck-a roon
mountains higher won’t climb so high that planes flying by remember to duck, out-a-luck

the train from Moscow climbing the thicket shaking and clicking needles were nearer quick could a real scientist rely on this? did they gather players? did they send in the volunteer fire crew who really never knew? Did the tech crew stand around? Did they abandon the site that night?

did the explosion knock out control and free the machine to act out it’s thermal burning escape.
WHAT DID IT TAKE…to get out the WORD? WHO would have told that the pot’s spilled it’s gold. Chernobyl, without it’s burning seething BRIDE.

the seizing breathing fire and the plans it conspires,
They pounce announce that there’s been a stumble a little trouble
but don’t worry no hurry they spay
Saying fray alittle – aday, ka-peeps – the questions at bay.
with a coupla’ guys admitted and …that’s all regretted.

the local POP-pop-POP-ulation at the train station
alot of worried families massauged with him-HAM-homilies.
Lies, flies in factored families they shipped out the kids
left the moms and the dads aren’t ya glad,

to live in vast groups like young tiny recruits. we got yer kids, aren’t ya glad, *ASK YER DAD. *Cheery Barium Buries