Up on garbage mountain

Up on Garbage Mountain

by rw spisak jr.

up on garbage mountain
along the Biscayne bay
although the seagulls stop for dinner
they seldom fly away
t’would seem a foul idea to build it up so high
its not too wise
to leave out all that garbage
W – I – D – E

mountainous high
strenuous glazes, heat hassles hazes
layers strumming
summing suns drumming
heating stuffed surprise
trucks take dumps on hasty humps
leak laughing pungent snares
vapors drifting wafting… lifting
sifting in the air
waves welling falling
smelling up the air.

Don’t rush right up or d-d-drink the c-c-cup
without a seal-tight mask to wear

Don’t rush right up or d-d-drink the c-c-cup
without a seal-tight mask to wear
we don our yellow gloves there our acid test boots
completely airtight overalls,
and air-conditioned suits
with special pressure steel toed boots
amid the gushing whoosh

Bugs are mighty strange there
we’ve quite a special strain
the chemicals they hatched in
resemble acid rain
they carry mighty virus, sure
a highly aggressive brood
so do not park your car nearby
they’ve acquired a taste for tires,
radials are good
the roaches that survive there
have carborundum shells
and when they fly from place to place
falling sparking trails are traced.

the “mud that moves” we call it
watching some crawl by
don’t get any on your shoe,
it’ll eat right through you quick
and should you dare to poke it
it’ll probably eat your stick
one thing you’ll find amazing
as it reaches cloud rimmed Olympic heights
one thing its true
good it can do
bring into a tourists well earned view

a look at that strange and bloated large
a jersey, and a garbage barge
ripe as homeless and as sad a sight
as a garbage truck
outta luck and gas
with a years young load
of your own waste…
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