Let’s Send the rich into space

Send the RICH, Into Space? (9)


They know their place
High above the common trace
Let’s send the rich into space.


We’ll spare them gladly
so far from our face, Jeering madly,
they’ve made their case.
Let’s send the rich into space.

Let’s send the rich into space
Let them make their own fresh air
They’ll have to make it, I just don’t care
No use to fake it.
Losing the rich, Won’t make us
Sad, mad, or even glad, BUT.
It does scratch an itch!

Cause all they had they stole, shaken and
Taken into their bulging pockets break’n
scrapin from the plates of our beloved poor.
Huddled shivering outside their IRON-HEARTED DOOR!

Don’t let the door from behind, hit you
I won’t mind if the tiny door fits you!
You won’t have to share one drop, of space
there’s a lot. Plenty of vacuum out there to spare
Let’s send the rich out into space. I swear!

You may keep your spoils and your buds the royals,
just so’s your all amused, let me leave you these crumbs of clues,
It seems you might have to polish your own muddy bloody shoes
yea, bout time you pay your dues.

No longer
Will they walk among us
Send them out into the stars far from us just bout PAR
They can take their yachts
And their cars, way out to the stars
Let’s send the rich out to space that place

Bless their darling arses
Let’m dodge and duck,
as each meteor passes
Take their own poodle out for a Willy
Where? Solar flare? Oops! Silly!

On the next spinning grinning asteroid until he,
needs to build his lunch,
or the space ship goes crunch
Let’s send the rich out into space.

Take all their sneering, their complacent careering
Their vain glory poses
Right up their Surgeon trimmed noses.

They’re just too too good to tarry here
Why? Then my friend
Its to us the earth and its clear waters,

Take your servants, if they willing
No one need be waited upon,
And get their fillin
As if your a sage or some new-age villain.
Let’s send the rich outto space -I’ll chase!

Let’m spend their lives without their humble shutters drawn
And your Royal Progeny’s
entitled classes at the school (they built and spawned)
Where each Dawn of Royal clan
Skates right through
An across the gold plated span.

Then Every man a king
Each Woman a queen
Not one more knee shall bow
Nor wait in distress, ere how?
On any scene of their mess.
Just send the RICH, to space
I guess!

Let's send the RICH INTO SPACE!