Keep our Darwinian HEALTH CARE

Please Don’t Change our Darwinian Health Care Industry
by RW Spisak

Maybe the Sick … Should Just Die
I have heard them complain
on the bus and the train
as the cough and they stress
adding their mess
flailingly postponing their well-deserved ultimate rest
denying decrying refrying the end, calling on friends
Maybe the Sick… should just die

Until all of their screeching has battered my brain
and the yowling and moaning and screaming and groaning
and to-ing and frowing
without pause or restraint
Maybe the Sick… should just die

They parade to the hospital and clog up the halls
with their slips and their falls, legs in casts, packed into stalls
and more than that they teeter on crutches slowing me down
with their coughing and sneezing and their crappy old wheezing
on my word its’ not pleasing
Maybe the Sick… should just die

Insurance rates and mental states, implants and valves
UPGRADED JOINTS and Aterial stints, it makes me wince
they can’t take a hint
Maybe the Sick… should just die

Surgeons galore, doctors by the score, orthopedists and what’s more
pancreas, appendix and replacement kidneys and those tricks
X-Rays, MRIs, Ultra-Sound and RADIATION overlays
Seems they stop and pile up at every station – they’re messing up the nation
Maybe the Sick… should just die

All the pills and potions, and extravagant notions of fellowship
stop the COMMOTION, what a trip – just let’er rip
Maybe the SICK… should just die

Commercials round the clock
drug cures, chock a BLOCK
JUST take this stuff
Maybe the SICK … should just die!

If you just can’t be finally repaired
society must eventually declare
Maybe the Sick… should just die

Medicade, Medicare
never find enough coins there

Maybe the Sick… should just die