Niet Voyne

“Niet voyne!” (5)

Upon learning the slogan of Russian Anti-War Activists

“niet voyne”
Still far too much wisdom
With too much poison twined about
It’s creaking cracking heart.

It breaks the wall, it makes me shout.
Constructed by the cruel state’s prism
It dare not,
care not
Fall beneath this schism.

Baldly call out
criticism solely
Reeking After all the wars fresh frisson!

“niet voyne”
Those two most powerful words
No to War!
They say
Oh No, say no!
Too much, so much,
more stain’d ruddy red
This fleshy freshy CLAY, Today

“niet voyne”
We will not March today!
“niet voyne”
No no, We will neither seizure
No kill nor slay
Nor hide in deep denial,
Just to DeCRY
the awful lies
with which our SAD OPPRESSORS

“niet voyne”
We will not
build your war-wall tall
We will not ever

should we fall IN MUDDY SQUALOR
Beneath the missile
to sleep beneath those GRINDING
war wagons hideous SINISTER precision
Insidious crawling squaling
Into the graveled graves withal

“niet voyne”
We will not
Higher build the body counted fire
Not even in the smallest spire

Bruise’d amount, the count!
No innocent
shall ever
fall by this hand withal.

We will
ever sever
Simply to withstand the greasy
gore’s demand

“niet voyne”
Just two words
to stop an army’s Marching Scourge
Just two words
That dare impale
And tear a tyrant’s stony

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